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Slip and Fall Verdicts & Settlements

$1,150,000 - Slip and Fall No Handrails, Bilateral Knee Injuries Requiring Surgery

Plaintiff was a 29 year old female who slipped and fell on a broken and cracked step while walking down the main lobby stairs of a commercial office building. After plaintiff began to fall, she reached out for a handrail but there were no handrails affixed to the wall on either side of the staircase. Plaintiff claimed defendant violated the New York City Building Code Section 375 pertaining to stairs and handrail systems. Plaintiff sustained bilateral knee injuries and underwent one surgery to her right knee to repair a torn medial meniscus and three surgeries to her left knee to due to mechanical problems. HKD partner Judd Kleeger, Esq. settled this case just prior to jury selection for $1,150,000.00.

$850,000.00 - Injured Deliveryman – Slip and Fall – Back Surgery

Plaintiff, a beverage deliveryman, was injured when he slipped and fell on a greasy substance leaking from a dumpster. Plaintiff sustained an injury to his lower back requiring a lumbar spinal fusion; and an elbow injury requiring surgery. Plaintiff commenced an action against the building owner for negligence and pain and suffering. The case settled at a mediation for $850,000.00.

$650,000.00 - Injured Student – Trip and Fall – Fracture

Plaintiff, a student, was walking down the stairs of a New York City Housing Authority Project, when he was caused to trip and fall on a defective step. Plaintiff sustained a fractured femur that required surgery. Defendant argued that the stairs were not defective and plaintiff recovered completely from his injuries. HKD was able to resolve this matter before trial for $650,000.00

$475,000.00 - Injured Construction Worker – Slip and Fall – Neck Injury

Plaintiff, a construction worker who was receiving disability from a prior accident, was injured at a home improvement store when a pallet of doors fell on his head. Plaintiff sustained an injury to his neck requiring surgery. The case settled at a mediation for $475,000.00.

$475,000.00 - Retired Plaintiff - Trip and Fall - Fractured Hip

Plaintiff, a Brooklyn resident, was injured when she tripped and fell over a large bump in the roadway. Plaintiff commenced an action against the City of New York, who denied prior written notice of the dangerous roadway defect. HKD was able to obtain internal City documents that proved the City was aware of the defect and failed to repair. Plaintiff sustained a fractured hip requiring an open reduction and internal fixation and partial hip replacement. The case settled at a court ordered conference for $475,000.00.

$450,000.00 - Injured Pharmacist – Chip Fracture

Plaintiff, a pharmacist, was injured when she tripped and fell while walking through a courtyard under construction. Plaintiff sustained a chip fracture of the elbow. Plaintiff sued the building owner who refused to offer a reasonable settlement. The case was tried by HKD partner, Jonathan Damashek. The jury found the defendants 100% responsible and awarded $450,000.00. The case subsequently settled while on appeal.

$400,000.00 - Homemaker - Slip and Fall - Fractured ankle

Plaintiff, a Queens resident, was walking down the front stairs of her building when she slipped and fell. Plaintiff suffered a trimalleolar ankle fracture requiring ankle surgery with plates and screws. Plaintiff commenced an action against the building owner for failing to have handrails as required by the New York City Building Code. HKD resolved the case for $450,000.00.

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